Publish Your Book

We do all the heavy lifting to get your book in print.

You get all the glory! 


What We DO

We have a team of specialists who look forward to doing the technical side of book publishing for you!

Manuscript Review

Are you ready to publish? We'll take a look and let you know!

Need help to get your book written? We do that too!  

Design & Format

We'll create a cover you'll love and make the interior reader friendly.

We give you what you want. You approve it all! 

Upload to Amazon

We get your book on the world's biggest online bookseller. 

And then we're done! (Royalties go straight to you!)  

Let Us Take Care of the 'Tech Stuff'

It's hard enough to write a book--who wants to learn all about trim sizes and print bleeds? Let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to the technical side of getting your book or Kindle ebook published. We'll put it on Amazon for you and set it up so all book sales money goes directly to you. 

Want a box of books to sell or giveaway yourself? We'll show you how to order them so they come right to your door.

Need some editorial help? We review your manuscript to make sure it's "good to go" and ready to publish. Not quite to that stage yet? Our coaching packages can be the answer, whether you need a lot of help or just a little to get your manuscript finished and ready to publish and share with the world.


We are your book publishing team.

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