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Let USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling author Donna Kozik help you write and publish a book to give you a strong start to your 2023 success!

It starts with a physical book to establish your authority and expertise--while sharing your core message with readers everywhere!

Leverage your book to market your business by showcasing your expertise and sharing with readers inspirational stories, get-started tips and facts and stats about your field.

Finally, use your book to launch a course, workshop or coaching program. You can also use it to create videos to post on Facebook or YouTube!

Once you have a book done, you have everything in place to speed along the path to publishing profits!


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From the desk of Book Writing & Publishing Coach

Donna Kozik
San Diego, Calif.
December 2022

How would you like to start 2023 knowing you have a specific and do-able plan to publishing success and profits?

Not just a plan, but a method to getting there? With an award-winning and best-selling author as your guide?

That's what I have in mind for you with this special "Strong Start to 2023" invitation...

It starts with writing and publishing a book.

Now, before you start protesting that writing a book is:

* Too time consuming
* Too complicated
* And just too hard...

Give me a chance to show you how you can get a book done...in one short weekend!

Not only that, let me open your eyes about how that book can grow your client base and even be turned into a course or workshop you can sell to make some real money!

Read on for details...

Write a Book in a Weekend: Live Virtual Event


What it is:
Write a Book in a Weekend
January 29-30, 2023 (Value = $999)

It all starts with a book...and I've created a way for you to get one done in just a couple of days. My Write a Book in a Weekend program has led to hundreds of authors getting a book done and using it to grow their business while sharing an important message with the world.

Why it works: There are a few easy-to-do keys to getting a book done in a weekend. The first is to keep it what I call "short and powerful," so it's modest in content yet meaningful in message.

(In other words, we're not trying to write "War and Peace" in a weekend! No need! And readers will thank you for not wasting their time with a long, repetitive and boring book.)

I help you get this short and powerful book done with my four book formulas (how-to/self-help, case study, personal memoir & quote book plus). I give easy-to-understand chapter formulas for each one.

Plus, all are presented in fill-the-pages template form, too. All you have to do is "plug and play!"

Then I show you how to write the single most important part: a four paragraph introduction that establishes the purpose of your book and who it's for. (Best of all, included in this weekend event is a review of your introduction draft by me, a USA Today bestselling author. This is a $399 value on its own!)

How the weekend works: We meet in my Zoom Room for trainings starting with the "On Your Mark" call on Wednesday. This introduces you to my four formulas and get your prepped for the weekend. There are two trainings per day on Saturday and Sunday. You also have the opportunity to take advantage of four "Writing Parties" throughout the weekend to give you time to draft content, ask questions and even run paragraphs past me for review.

As always, all trainings will be recorded and all templates and resources will be available for download by registrants to save and use again and again.

Quick Q & A

Q: How is it possible to Write a Book in a Weekend?
A: I give you templates, instruction and answer all your questions--all you have to do is show up and "plug and play."

Q: Will you also show us how to publish the book?
A: Yes!

Q: Can I sell this book on Amazon?
A: Yes! (In fact, Amazon wants to sell your book!)

Q: What if I can't attend every training live?
A: You'll receive a replay shortly after each training takes place so you can catch up.

Q: When is this Write a Book in a Weekend virtual event?
A: January 28-29, 2023.

Q: Maybe I should just wait until the next one?
A: Maybe, but it hasn't been scheduled yet. If there is one, it'll be at the end of the year. Even if you can't attend every training live in January, you'll get all the recordings and templates to finish your book well before then.

Don't forget -- all trainings are recorded and all templates and resources are available for download by registrants to save and use again and again.

The Original Write a Book in a Weekend features live trainings, templates, reviews of your writing and much more!


Meet Donna.

“I love showing people how to write and publish a book to use as a big business card and a springboard to profitability. You can follow that up with a Kindle ebook focused on a particular program and then tie everything together with an enticing lead magnet or freebie. Let's get you started on the path to author profitability!”