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From Donna Kozik
USA Today & Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author

Looking to get your first--or next--book done? Let's do it! Claiming your space as a thought leader, offering inspirational information to attract readers and having a way for them to connect with you are key. Find out how to get started below!

Why become an author?

Publishing a book is an amazing feeling. It's something many pursue, and, thanks to print-on-demand and other low-cost publishing options, anyone can achieve. All you have to do is write the darn thing. (That's where I come in.)

A book allows you to position yourself as a thought leader in your field. It also helps you get clear on your messaging. It's a lead generator -- you can grow your list with a book. You can use it as a springboard for speaking, online courses, workshops and more. You can even write a book to drive sign-ups for a specific workshop or automated online class.

But think about this: no one wants to spend the time and effort writing a book all the while wondering "Is it on point? Will it do the job? Will anyone actually read this?" (This is also where I come in!)

That's why it's better to go in your publishing endeavors with a "message plan" in hand and proven methods at the ready to make sure your book works for you as a communication tool and potential income-producing vehicle.

What gets in the way?

If a book is a way to be seen as a thought leader and serves as what I call a "big business card," then what gets in the way of people publishing one (or more)? And then what stops them from getting out there to promote that book and themselves?

Mostly it's just not knowing the step-by-step of what to do, including what to write about, what book structure to use, how to get the book published and more. Once you know these steps, becoming an author is so much easier! Let me show you how!

Start Here!

Here are a first few steps to get you started on getting a book done...

Step 1: Create a Vision Statement

Ask yourself some key questions to get clear why you're doing this in the first place. Why do you want to write a book? How will your life look after you become an author?

The answers should both make you excited and scare you (just a little bit).

Remember, there are no wrong answers here. Whatever reason you want to write and publish a book is the right reason.

Step 2: Make a Power Outline

What are the main messages of information and inspiration you want to share? Capture them on one sheet of paper, leaving room between each for notes about what you want to say.

I call this a "Power Outline." Creating this is what will stir some feelings in you about being a "leader to your readers." It is your go-to document and will help guide you on your way to being an author.

Step 3: Draft Your Introduction

To anchor your book and its message, you want to address your readers with some pertinent information: what you're writing about, why it's important, who you're writing to and why you're the one to write this book.

Nail this and your Power Outline (above) and you're 80% done with the heavy lifting.


So how does this virtual weekend event help?

From the Desk of Donna Kozik
San Diego, Calif.

There are a number of places where want-to-be authors can go off the rails. They can take on too much instead of going an "inch wide, mile deep" with their content. They can waver when it comes to describing themselves, and why they are the ones to write the book. Finally, they can start strong but then lose momentum until the book remains a frustrating dream instead of a hold-in-your-hands reality.

Write a Book in a Weekend, personally led by myself, Donna Kozik, is here to help. Besides being a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, I'm the creator and leader of this original virtual online event. My first one was in September of 2008, and I've conducted over 100 "in a weekend" events since.

This virtual weekend event provides templates, guidance, resources and feedback so you can get a "short and powerful" book done. (One that is modest in content, yet meaningful in message.)

I provide you with live coaching, templates, written materials and formulas so you can pick a winning book structure (how-to/self-help, case study, personal memoir or quote book plus) and get a book done. You get all the information to write one book or many!

I also offer information about how to get your book published and on Amazon so you can put it to work for you.

By the way, this is not a "sit back and watch" event with lots of information thrown at you until you're so confused or overwhelmed you do nothing. Instead it's delivered to you "bit by bit" so you can take action and get started on getting done--all in a weekend!

How does "Write a Book in a Weekend" work?

1. Claim Your Virtual Seat

After you register, you'll receive a schedule of the weekend that includes a "getting to know you and your goals" session. Trainings include "On Your Mark" where you'll receive a run-down of the four book structures you can choose from, an overview of how the weekend works and, of course, plenty of time for questions and answers.

2. Receive Resources & Materials

During the weekend I give you templates and formulas for 4 "big business card" book structures: how-to/self-help, personal memoir, case study and quote book plus. (Or you can pick and choose elements from each to create your own weekend masterpiece.)

We start with making sure your introduction is strong and positions you as a leader to your readers.

3. Engage in the Process

Now, I'm going to tell you something a lot of coaches don't. That is, the key to succeeding in this program is to engage in the process. Consume the materials. Show up when you can. Even baby steps will result in big rewards.

There are live trainings, study halls, editorial reviews and more. They will provide inspiration, information and, most of all, motivation. (And, yes, everything is recorded so you can listen to them again and again.)

A Word to the Wise:
Wondering why you couldn't just do it on your own?

Thinking this all sounds good and you're going to try to go it alone? Well, as Dr. Phil says, how's that been working for you? You know how to string a few words together. You have the Google machine at your disposal. But still the book isn't done. Just like New Year's resolutions that are gone by Valentine's Day, it's hard to motivate yourself to get a book and other business-building tools done when the only tools you have are a laptop and a blank screen.

This weekend program provide templates, formulas, instructions, ideas, prompts and more -- tools and resources to help you not only publish a book, but position yourself as an expert.

Most of all, you get the insight and information from someone who's been online offering virtual events, group and private coaching since 2005. I personally conduct every weekend and never leave a training until all questions are answered.

I love what I do, and enjoy showing others how to get published!

Yes, I guide you and give you templates.
But it's still YOUR message and YOUR book!


Share your stories and style through quotes, examples, cover design and more. All while making sure you message is clear.


When you start outlining, drafting, polishing and more, the idea faucet turns on. I'll show you how to capture and use them later.


You'll be part of my supportive and creative community of others who are like-minded and on their way to being an author.


It's my goal to get you published and list-building as fast as possible so you can start making offers--and some cha-ching!


Never have a fear of missing out as all trainings and Q&A sessions are recorded so you can watch them later--or again!


Being a profitable author means knowing the behind-the-scenes happenings of how to turn a book into a business. I show you how.

What About Publishing?

It's more than showing you how to complete a manuscript -- it's also about showing you how to get published so you have a hold-in-your-hands product (and dream realized).

There are many paths to publishing from do-it-yourself to done-for-you. (By the way, none of these ways stop you from pursuing a traditional publishing contract later.)

In any case, I won't leave you hanging. I'll answer your questions and show you how to publish this puppy!

Are you ready to step into the life of being an author?
Join us!

Author Collage

Donna's the best writing coach I've ever worked with.

"Love Yourself to Success"

Moira Shepard

For All Skill Levels

Don't consider yourself a writer? No worries. I show you how to fill-in-the-pages and make yourself shine while you develop your writing, revising and polishing prowess along the way. There is also ample opportunity to run your pieces past me to see if you're on track.

Work at Your Own Pace

Write a Book in a Weekend comes with choices, meaning your pace is up to you. You can audit the course to get a feel of what you want to do or you can go all in with a plan to be done with your book at the end of the weekend. Whatever you choose, I endorse that idea!

Time to Finish!

Not only do I provide templates, formulas and guidance during the trainings, I give you time to work through them with me "in the room." The weekend features three or more "study halls" where you can write or create and then run it past me for reviews. It's the extra nudge some need to apply what they are learning and have something to show for their investment of time and money.

A Word From Your Coach

“I love showing people how to write and publish a book to use as a big business card and a springboard to profitability. A book can lead to online courses, workshops, speaking engagements and more. Most of all, during what's been trying times, a book can be a type of 'business in a box' IF you know what do with it. Let's get you started on the path to author profitability!”


Why wait?
Start Getting Your Book Done Today!

Why put off staking your claim with authority? Write and publish your book and get on the path to Author Profitability, plus have a USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling author in your corner! The program comes with a 100% guarantee of your satisfaction.*

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Remember: There Are 3 Steps to Get Started on Your Book...

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Write a Book in a Weekend

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Important note: All weekend trainings are recorded and made available shortly after they take place. Although it helps, you do not have to attend the weekend live to succeed in publishing a physical book. *Satisfaction guarantee: If you participate in the course and find it doesn't show you how to complete the designated item, your money will be returned. (You do have to do the work. No refunds for not showing up or not consuming the information.)