"Use this insider info to turn your podcast into a book!"

~ Donna Kozik, USA Today & Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author

Podcast into a Book

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Everything you need to know to turn your podcast into a physical or Kindle ebook. You've created the content, now turn it into print. (With little or no writing!) Five steps shared through PDF, audio and video for easy consumption. BONUS: Pre-formatted book templates & Pre-publishing checklist!

Turn your podcast into a book with 5 easy steps, including:  

  • How to take your audio content and make it reader friendly! 
  • What to include to include to entice readers (and what to leave out so you don't bore them) 
  • Consume in your preferred format: PDF, audio or video  
  • Plus 4 templates for EZ book formatting!
  • BONUS! Pre-publishing checklist so you have everything you need DONE to publish your book!  
  • Valued at $299!