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This mini-publishing and promotion package from Donna Kozik & Done for You Publishing gets your journal done and up on Amazon, gives you a ready-made promotional "starter kit" and shows you how to profit from it!

From the desk of

Donna Kozik

San Diego, California

January 2023

As my first-ever "Journal in a Weekend" event unfolded, I knew something special was happening...

Participants were seeing what I was seeing--the great potential printed journals offer to coaches, consultants and others. Not only that, they were seeing how they specifically could use a journal in their business and to help establish themselves as a thought leader.

Getting a journal done and getting it on Amazon allows you to:

* Offer a starter product for sale (on the best-known online store out there)

* Establish expertise and credibility
* Attract and build a community

* Sell other products and services to that growing community

All while having some fun along the way!

But although the process is straight-forward, there are still a lot of details involved in publishing a journal. Plus a good deal of technical expertise is needed. Finally, as most business owners know, the question comes up about what to focus on first, second and third.

First, the journal. Print-on-demand publishing has opened up a whole new world for authors, entrepreneurs and coaches, but it also "demands" knowledge and input from them regarding trim size, cover design, interior formatting and the like.

In the years since I started my "Write a Book in a Weekend" virtual event, I have found that most people don't have the time or inclination to learn the ins and outs of self-publishing. That led to my "Done for You Publishing" program, where our authors retain all copyright and make the decisions, but they leave the technical details to us.

The same applies for promotion and launches--and getting these journal users into other programs. Again, it sounds straightforward enough: let people know the journal is available, start a Facebook group and create and sell other offers.

But, again, what is the actual process you follow?

And what should those offers be to get the most clients possible?

That's where my mini-publishing, promotion and profit program comes in!

Take What You Started During "Journal in a Weekend" & Get It Finished, Published &

Earning Money for You!

I have put together a starter program so you can publish your journal, launch it into the world set yourself up for some
profitable success!

This is what you get with this special, limited time offer...

1. Mini Publishing Package

We will create a 48-page journal for you (any trim size) to publish under your name on Amazon. Services include an editorial review by Donna, proofreading, cover design and interior formatting (grayscale interior and four color front and back cover). We send you the files and then you'll join Donna in her Zoom room for the big "3-2-1 Publish That Journal!" moment.

2. "Launch Your Journal" Promo Pack

We will create a customized promo pack for you, similar to what we do for contributors to "The Community Book Project." It will include images of your journal you can post on social media. The promotion pack also includes three done for you articles touting the benefits of journaling that you can post on social media or on your blog or email.

3. "Make Money" Workshop

This is where everything all comes together. I'll give you specific ways you can build programs and services from your journal--even if you don't have an email list. The workshop will be held Thursday, February 16 at 10 am PT with a follow-up Q&A on March 16 at 10 am PT. Both will be recorded and replays made available to registered participants.

Important: Please Read

I am looking for success stories, so I have right-priced this program!

That said, there are a few specific parameters for participants to follow:

* The mini-publishing program includes proofreading, design and publishing files for a 24-48 page journal (any trim size) with grayscale interior and four-color front and back cover. If you want something more extensive, such as image design, photographs placed, etc., there will be additional charges.

* A 100 percent complete journal manuscript must be submitted for proofreading and publication no later than June 30, 2023. If this deadline is not met, we will create print-ready files for a 48-page affirmation journal for you. (Copyright your name.) You will not receive a personalized promo pack.

* Due to the nature of this program, there are no refunds. That said, we do want to produce the best possible journal for you and will work with you (given the above parameters) so you are satisfied with the results.

Sorry, this offer is no longer available.

Best Deal!

One and done!
(Full pay today and save!)

Budget Friendly!

Payment plan
(One payment today and one every 30 days
for the next four months)

Become one of our success stories!


What does the program include?

This is a mini-version of the "Done for You Publishing" program to publish your up to 48-page journal on Amazon, plus get you started in promoting and profiting from it.

When do I need to turn in my journal manuscript?

No later than June 30, 2023. If you don't, we'll publish a 48-page affirmation journal for you with your name on it.

What kind of editorial support will I receive?

You will have several opportunities to have your journal-in-progress reviewed by Donna, including a final review when you turn it in for publishing.

Is this program refundable?

Due to the nature of the program, it is not refundable. We will work with you until you are satisfied with your journal product.

Sorry, this offer is no longer available.

Best Deal!

One and done!

Budget Friendly!

Payment plan

PLUS! Get an insider's look at Donna's next journal and book project...

Cover Reveal!

Meet ASK!

"Ask and It Is Written" is the next book and journal series coming from USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Donna Kozik.

The series is designed for the writer who wishes to explore possibilities left, right, center, up, down and sideways.

First to be released is the "Ask and It Is Written" pocket journal. It's the perfect companion for a writing date in the coffee shop or while waiting for the kids to get out of school. (Look for it in Spring 2023.)

This will be followed by the "Ask and It Is Written" book featuring stories and techniques to share your unique message with the world. The book (cover pictured here) will be released in the fall of 2023.

Ask and It Is Written

Those who enroll in the "Mini Publishing, Promotion and Profit" program will get an exclusive insider's look at how Donna creates the "Ask and It Is Written" pocket journal and grows the accompanying Facebook group.

Sorry, this offer is no longer available.

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