Special Invitation: Kindle Publishing Package

With this special invitation, I understand I will receive:

1. Step-by-step guidance in creating a Kindle book manuscript that will be published on Amazon so I can make money, grow my audience list and aim for "bestseller" status.

2. A combination of live coaching sessions (up to 5 one-on-one with Donna providing editorial feedback--a $2500 value), PDF checklists and bite-size video trainings to get my manuscript done in the next 30-90 days. Donna will provide templates, instructions and incentives for writing a 3,000 to 10,000 word (or longer) Kindle ebook.   

3. As part of this invitation, after my ebook is written, Donna's team of copyeditors and designers will copyedit and proofread my manuscript and format it for Kindle. The team will create a beautiful cover that I will approve. Donna's publishing coordinator will be responsible for uploading the cover and formatted files to Amazon for me. (I understand I can set any price
I like for the book--I'll receive guidance on that, too.) 

I also understand:

* This is an invitation for people who are ready to take action and complete the project sooner rather than later.  
* The more I engage and participate in the project, the faster it will be completed and I will be published.
* After I register I will receive a link to schedule a meeting with Donna to plan my Kindle content. If, during the meeting, either Donna or I determine I am not a good fit for this program, either one of us can just say the word and my registration fee will be refunded immediately, no hard feelings.

After registering I will receive a welcome e-mail with a link and instructions to meet with Donna and determine a "Content Creation" plan. Over the next few weeks I'll receive templates, instructions and more to complete a Kindle ebook.

As a special bonus celebrating 10 years of Write a Book in a Weekend, I am invited to attend
any or all of the next three virtual weekend events as a "book writing bonus." Valued at $497 each, I understand this is a great way to get some writing time in under the watchful eye of an award-winning author. (I'll receive weekend dates and call times as soon as I register.)

My options (Note: These investment levels available for a limited time.)

One pay of 1997 (Best value!)

Six pay of 375 (Budget friendly!)