Gimme the Gist!

It's Donna Kozik, your book writing and publishing coach, here with a special invitation to one of my brand new "In a Weekend" events--one focused on having a book as a "big business card" plus harnessing the power of your new writing assistant "ChatGPT!"

"Write a Book in a Weekend"
Big Business Card Edition

This virtual event features everything you've come to expect during one of my weekends: inch-wide, mile-deep hands-on trainings, fill-in-the-pages templates, writing time, editorial reviews and our super supportive writing community.

Plus I'll show you tips and techniques you can use to draft your content using ChatGPT.

Specifically, I've added these "Prep for Success" trainings:

"ChatGPT: Meet Your New Writing Assistant" 
"ChatGPT: Pick a Winning Book Topic & Title" 
"ChatGPT: Create a Working Outline" 

(All trainings will be recorded.)  

And the book you'll be writing? That's the TRUE magic!

I'm going "back to my roots" where I'll show you how to write a book that serves as your big business card.

Specifically, one that:

* Establishes you as a thought leader in your field
* Gives you authority & credibility
* Demonstrates your
* Showcases your personality
* Draws potential clients
right to you! (We love that, right?)

How? I've "souped up" my four proven book writing structures with specific writing prompts and elements that make it even easier to set you up as an authority and encourage readers to connect with you. It's a true "big business card" book!

Plus this program has several complete "short and powerful" book templates -- ones that makes it entirely possible to get a book done in a weekend! (I'll walk you through it step-by-step the entire way!)

This, coupled with the power of having your very own free writing assistant in ChatGPT? It makes the process of writing a book faster than ever!

Special Early Bird Invitation!

I'm still putting a more formal invitation page together, but I'm so excited about this I wanted to make it available to you now!

And, to make it an easy yes...I'm offering this at a special Early Bird investment! (One that won't be around long!)

Retail: $1999

Write Your "Big Business Card" Book in a Weekend!
with USA Today & Wall Street Journal
Bestselling Author Donna Kozik

Subscriber Special!

Only $499!

P.S. Here's another benefit of being an Early Bird: First, you will receive specific "Fast Start" preparation materials delivered straight to your in-box upon registration so you can get started right away if you want.

Second, I'm conducting several short and powerful "Prep-for-Success" workshops prior to the weekend introducing you to your new writing assistant, ChatGPT!

You might be wondering...

How is the "Big Business Card" edition DIFFERENT than the usual "Write a Book in a Weekend" virtual event?

Here's how!

During the "Big Business Card" weekend, my micro-trainings and prompts will help you create a book that:
1. Makes it easier for readers to seek you out. (In fact, it'll be more of a "no brainer" for them to do so.)
2. Showcases more of what you have to offer.
3. Adds your "unique thumbprint" to the content. (So important in this time of ChatGPT.)

Yet there is a place for ChatGPT in our book writing world--and that's tapping into it as a "writing assistant" (one you don't have to pay)! I'll show you how to do just that, too, with done-for-you prompts you can copy, paste and use!

In other words, this book is created with the specific intent to bring you more leads, more clients and more income!

Yet, I'll do this using my proven "In a Weekend" methods that people love: micro-trainings, instant editorial feedback and fill-in-the-pages templates.

New trainings added:
"ChatGPT: Meet Your New Writing Assistant" 
"ChatGPT: Pick a Winning Book Topic & Title" 
"ChatGPT: Create a Working Outline" 

In addition to the regular "Write a Book in a Weekend" sessions April 15-16.



My mission statement is "Let's get people published!" and this video has some of my favorite "3-2-1 Publish Your Book" moments over the last few years...this is why I do what I do!

It's Time! Write & Publish Your
"Big Business Card" Book!

Let a USA Today & Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Show You How to Create a "Short & Powerful" Softcover Book on the Double to Establish Expertise, Market Your Business and Create a Product to Sell!

A physical book establishes your authority and expertise--while sharing your core message with readers everywhere!

Leverage your book to market your business by showcasing your expertise and sharing with readers inspirational stories, get-started tips and facts and stats about your field.

Finally, use your book to launch a course, workshop or coaching program. You can also use it to create videos to post on Facebook or YouTube!

Once you have a book done, you have everything in place to speed along the path to publishing profits!

**Plus, I show you how to do all of the above harnessing the power of your new (and free) writing assistant, ChatGPT!**

Write a Book in a Weekend:
Big Business Card Edition!


What it is:
Write a Book in a Weekend

(Big Business Card Edition!)

April 15-16, 2023 (Value = $1999)

My Write a Book in a Weekend program has led to hundreds of authors getting a book done and using it to grow their business while sharing an important message with the world.

Why it works: There are a few easy-to-do keys to getting a book done in a weekend. The first is to keep it what I call "short and powerful," so it's modest in content yet meaningful in message.

(In other words, we're not trying to write "War and Peace" in a weekend! No need! And readers will thank you for not wasting their time with a long, repetitive and boring book.)

This weekend is focused on showing you how to get a "big business card" book done to establish your credibility and expertise.

You can choose to use this book to put the spotlight on your coaching business, a specific program or even a product. I have targeted writing prompts and chapter formulas and will show you how to use them to achieve this end goal.

Plus, everything is presented in fill-the-pages template form, too. All you have to do is "plug and play!"

I also show you how to write the single most important part of your book: an introduction that establishes the purpose of your book and who it's for--it will showcase you and your personality.

(Best of all, included in this weekend event is a review of your introduction draft by me, a USA Today bestselling author. This is a $399 value on its own!)

How the weekend works: We meet in my Zoom Room for trainings starting with the "On Your Mark" call on Wednesday prior to the weekend to get your prepped up and ready to go. There are two trainings per day on Saturday and Sunday. You also have the opportunity to take advantage of four "Writing Parties" throughout the weekend to give you time to draft content, ask questions and even run paragraphs past me for review.

As always, all trainings will be recorded and all templates and resources will be available for download by registrants to save and use again and again.

New! Prep-for-Success Added Trainings:

"ChatGPT: Meet Your New Writing Assistant" 
"ChatGPT: Pick a Winning Book Topic & Title" 
"ChatGPT: Create a Working Outline" 

“What do you like best about Write a Book in a Weekend?”
(Asked of two recent weekend event participants.)

“The dedicated writing time.” ~ Lori

“Your feedback on the introduction. Also because you are so efficient and really great. Thank you.” ~ Josie

“Fanny in the chair with formatted templates to fill in the blanks and actually get something done.” ~ Vicki

“The mojo of the whole community with everybody writing.” ~ Ardis

“Having a specific structure to start the book.” ~ Maria

“The book structure and the way you give options to make our books unique.” ~ PJ

“Understanding more about how much there is involved in the front matter.” ~ Tonya

“I can say ditto, ditto, ditto because the brainstorming. I got that from people sharing and just the way that everybody's putting something together in a slightly different way and the incredible feedback. You just track everything, and it rolls out, and it's really helpful. Thank you.” ~ Ila

“I love everything about it, but I really, really appreciate the editorial review videos because you took time for everyone to see, it's open, everybody can learn from it. And you took time to create those videos in the email. I could not even imagine that you have done that because it is taking so much time to just do that, so I really, really love it.” ~ Iwona

“The creativity of the participants and their willingness to share. Also, you present many options and flexibility. It really builds confidence.” ~ Thomas

“This is the best $200 I have ever spent on my business. That is how much I got out of this, Donna.” ~ Lorenda

“I love the Q&A time because it gave me an opportunity to listen carefully to the answers that you provided. And also the way that you structured the training and Q&A time. I found really helpful.” ~ Avenelle

“Donna, you make the weekend probably and possible. Not only are we challenged to write, we're challenged to figure out that we are writers.” ~ Anne

“I love that, being part of your group, I learned that I am a contributing author of an Amazon bestseller. And it wouldn't have happened if I wasn't connected to you, so I appreciate it.” ~ Sima

“You really bring a lot to your weekend classes. And even though this is my third or fourth “Write a Book in a Weekend,” every time there's something different, there's a different gem. You're always making the class better. You're always making the course better, stronger, new templates. And I think that speaks a lot to you, that you're not just resting on your laurels and that we are just getting so much out of it. And I really appreciate that.” ~ Michelle

“I think what was very helpful for me was seeing the video where you critique and review my introduction.” ~ Diane

“When you're not an expert, it's nice to be taken by the hand. Yesterday, the fun part was that we were able to read and you were able to tell us right away whether it was good or not – no waiting.” ~ Jean Luc

“I love how you take my idea and make my mind find other angles.” ~ Anne

“I love the momentum it creates.” ~ Barrie

“What I liked best about it was getting over my struggling to come up with words for the introduction, because I'm deep into my stories. Your help, and the community’s help, got me what I needed. And you just raved about it, so that was good.” ~ Wanda

“I love being in a concentrated space to write, work, and think.” ~ Suzanne

“I like best the direction you give us, and it gives me the ability to revisit my goals and stay within that framework of construction.” ~ Sue

“The templates. We know what to do. Follow Donna. There’s no excuse.” ~ Kathy

“I just love the collaboration with everyone, and especially the feedback from you makes all the difference. Just a couple of words, a couple of changes, and voila, there you go.” ~ Shanine

“My favorite parts are the Buddha Donna moments. When you come out with things that really help us, it just spells the stuff that really resonates and we can write them down and refer to them. Also the replays are really good.” ~ Michelle

“I like how you can hear what other people have to say and it somehow always seems to still be relevant to yourself. It’s like being in a mastermind. I also like this balance between information sharing and writing time and Q&A.” ~ Cynthia

“I like Donna's bubbly patience and ability to make us all feel like whatever we get done is that's why we were here. I really appreciate that.” ~ Annie

“I think it's your flexibility and your intuitive ability to read people and address their issues instantly. You just listen to what they say, read their face, and go–and it works!” ~ PJ

“What I like best about Write a Book in a Weekend are the writing parties with the community of authors writing simultaneously. As much as I like flexibility, that structure helps create a container when I need to get something done. And then I like the feedback that we get when we ask questions during the question and answer session.” ~ Bonita

“I like how you encourage us to keep it simple, especially your feedback with the intros, versus ‘writing gone wild. So it also gives me permission to not overwrite, but keep things light and simple. Plus Title Idol.” ~ Debora

“You take out all of the overwhelm and make it easy.” ~ Rene

“I love coming with a focused intent, which you set up during the ‘On Your Mark’ call.” ~ Vicki

“I like listening to the feedback that you give to everybody, because it really informs my own writing as well, because everything you say has relevance and can be used as little nuggets to help our own writing.” ~ Peggy

“The framework that you provided for the introduction has leveraged hugely for me the ability to talk more intelligently about what I'm writing.” ~ Megha

“I love watching everyone else while we're working, even though I myself have not been brave enough to be on camera this weekend, but that makes me feel like I'm in a group of people and that helps me stay focused. ~ Ruth

“I think hearing you give feedback and then say, ‘No tail spins allowed.’ And the fact that you make it easy to hear feedback. You can say things like, 'I'm still confused. Here's what's missing. Write this down,' and I actually want to do that. My pen is in my hand and I'm doing it.” ~ Beth

“I feel like I’m going to have an actual book at the end of this. So I think it's that combination of clarity and reassurance you provide.” ~ Eszter

“That it makes me sit down and write. I only have a little bit of time usually each day. But these weekends, I set aside, and I'm able to get a lot done. ~ Dixie

“I love the video reviews for the introductions with tangible steps to improve. This writing weekend is always evolving and getting better every time. The resource forms are priceless.” ~ Cyndy

“The clarity and how you give feedback. I don't feel like I'm belittled when you're sharing feedback with me. You got to give this feedback, and you give it in a way that you still feel uplifted. I appreciate that.” ~ LaWanna


Quick Q & A

Q: What makes this different than the usual "Write a Book in a Weekend" event?
A: This event focuses on writing and publishing a book specifically to bring in leads and clients, plus I'll show you how to use ChatGPT to help!

Q: Will you also show us how to publish the book?
A: Yes!

Q: Can I sell this book on Amazon?
A: Yes! (In fact, Amazon wants to sell your book!) But I'll cover dozens of other ways to use this book, too.

Q: What if I can't attend every training live?
A: You'll receive a replay shortly after each training takes place so you can catch up.

Q: When is this Write a Book in a Weekend virtual event?
A: April 15-16, 2023. There will be several preliminary trainings prior--you'll receive the complete schedule upon registration. Every training is recorded and available for replay.

Q: Maybe I should just wait until the next one?
A: I don't even know if there will be a next one. This is a brand-new weekend I'm trying out. I think it'll be great, but even so, I may not schedule a second one until 2024, if ever.

Don't forget -- all trainings are recorded and all templates and resources are available for download by registrants to save and use again and again.

This Write a Book in a Weekend: Big Business Card Edition features live trainings, templates, reviews of your writing and, now, how to harness the power of ChatGPT!

Retail: $1999

Now: Subscriber Special!
Yours for only $499!

Meet Donna.

“I love showing people how to write and publish a book to use as a big business card and a springboard to profitability. You can follow that up with a Kindle ebook focused on a particular program and then tie everything together with an enticing lead magnet or freebie. Let's get you started on the path to author profitability!”