Your Invitation to Join Us in... The Community Book Project: 20/20 Vision 

Join in as a contributor in this "first big book of inspiration" published in January 2020 and use it to:  

* Develop your voice as author * Inspire readers world-wide * Build your author platform  

Plus, be a part of a group of caring and thoughtful writers led by USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling and award-winning author Donna Kozik, creator and leader of the original Write a Book in a Weekend. Now Donna brings her writing & publishing prowess to The Community Book Project. 


Registration is limited!

What: The Community Book Project: 20/20 Vision

Pre-Launch Date: December 2019 (Friends & Family)

Official Launch: January 2020 (World-wide)

Our Mission: To love and inspire readers everywhere!

Want to see a few more details? Watch this...


This project is for you if...

  • You like to write in short bursts. 
  • You enjoy being recognized. 
  • You want to be an Amazon #1 bestseller.  

Readers are waiting to hear from you.  

Here's how this project will help.

Featuring: You!

Contributors will be able to market themselves (or their books or their businesses) with a short bio that includes links to websites and social media profiles. 

Develop Your Voice

Your voice makes you stand out as a subject matter expert, thought leader, motivator or inspirationalist. Develop a strong voice here to represent yourself well. 

Finetune a Message

Know you have something important to say but not sure how to say it? This project is perfect for finetuning your message so you're confident in expressing it. 

Join the Community 

This writing community was developed over the past two decades and through several other book projects. We welcome you too so you can see what we're all about!

Network with Others

Connect with authors, coaches, speakers, business owners, entrepreneurs, radio personalities and other like-minded people. 

Grow Your Audience

Our goal is to share the magic that is you. Grow your audience with us through social media promotions, speaking opportunities and more. 

Get into Action

Receive thoughtful writing prompts to spur your writing skills into action. Get in the habit of creativity and creation. 

Receive Recognition

Contributors have the opportunity to win writing awards and recognition and will have their pieces highlighted in the book. 


What: The Community Book Project: 20/20 Vision 

Pre-Launch Date: December 2019 (Friends & Family) 

Official Launch: January 2020 (World-wide)

Our Mission: To love and inspire readers everywhere!

Not sure you want to do this? Let me give you 3 reasons why... 

If you're serious about doing even one of these three things, it's recommended you join The Community Book Project: 20/20 Vision. Here they are: 

1. Develop Your Voice: This is what brings your "unique thumbprint" to ideas and the way you express them. Your voice is your personal stamp on the ideas you share while writing, speaking or posting on social media.

2. Write Your Own Book: You'll discover the best techniques of writing and publishing that you can apply to your own book projects, whether Kindle or softcover (or both).

3. Build Your Platform: Your platform is what you "stand on" when promoting your book, your business or yourself. This project helps you by featuring you in this book and giving you opporunity to share your contact info with readers. 

We have turned six Community Book Projects into Amazon #1 Bestsellers, and this one is on track to do the same. 

So... are you in?