The Community Book Project

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The "Fill in the Pages" Special Event Is Over

* Join in this special event to "fill the pages" for our book "Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude."

* Be a part of a very special book--an expected Amazon bestseller--and one you can gift family and friends!

* Lift your spirits by focusing on the good and being part of a supportive community of writers and authors.

This project puts the focus on gratitude and appreciation for the good things in life. Contributors have a chance to be in a book on Amazon and create a memorable gift for friends and family that will "live forever."

Anyone can participate--gratitude knows no bounds!

Here are the "need to knows" about this Community Book Project and how to take part...

First, this "thought of the day" book has one entry per "date" of the year for a total of 365 entries. Each entry is up to 200 words in length and will include a short author bio.

Most dates have been chosen and entries received, but there are still some "lonely" dates needing an entry -- that's where you come in!

If you are flexible about what day of the year your entry appears, you can be a part of this book for just $59.

Your participation includes:

* Guaranteed entry in the book. (See below for details.)

* A "Gratitude Book" promo pack including social media posts, images, and more so you can publicize your participation in the book.

* Being in a book on Amazon (one that's expected to be a bestseller).

* Being part of a supportive community of writers and friends under the leadership of USA TODAY best-selling author Donna Kozik.

After registration, you will receive an email and guide to walk you through the process of submitting your entry.

You are guaranteed to have your entry published in the book. We work with you to prepare the best written entry possible, including several opportunities for editorial review and feedback before you submit it for publication.

You can write about almost anything--people, pets or pizza! It just has to be related to the theme of gratitude and appreciation. You may also choose to honor a special person or memory with your entry.

Our book will be published in early November 2022--just in time for holiday gift-giving. (Just imagine the reaction you'll get when giving a copy of the book to a special someone who's the star of your entry.)

Register for our special "Fill in the Pages" event here!
(Sorry, this event is over.)


How do I write my piece?
You'll receive a guide with all the information and suggestions. We also have online "writing parties" to give you additional editorial help.

How much do I have to write?
200 words plus a 30-word bio.

Can I include a link to my website?
Yes, readers will be able to contact you from the information you include in your bio.

How do I submit my essay?
There is an online submission form you'll complete.

When will the book be published?
Early November 2022--just in time for holiday gift giving!

Have more questions?

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Important Note:
Due to the nature and time-sensitive aspect of this project, there are no refunds.

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