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Be in the first "big book" of inspiration launched in 2020. Build street cred as an author. Be awarded badges of writing honor and celebration. Get in the good habit of writing with a thought-prompt delivered to your inbox every week. Submit your 200-word (or so) piece at
for review by a USA TODAY & WALL STREET JOURNAL best-selling and award-winning author, plus an opportunity to have your piece published in The Community Book Project's first "big book" of inspiration with 20/20 vision. (Planned "friends and family" release December 2019. Planned world-wide launch and Amazon Bestseller Day January 2020.)

No limit to the number of entries you can submit.
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are eligible for publishing awards, badges and more! 


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while participating in this project you will:

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    Receive prompts. Receive a thoughtful writing prompt every week, along with ideas about how to approach writing your entry. Can enter your submission as "draft" or "final version." (Available to both PARTICIPANT & OBSERVER levels.)

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    Hear feedback. You'll be able to watch a weekly video from an award-winning author who reviews all submissions and points out the great, the good and "here's how to improve this." (Available to both PARTICIPANT & OBSERVER levels.)

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    Be picked for publishing. The best entries will be picked for publishing in The Community Book Project's first "big book" of inspiration: 20/20 Vision This is a softcover book with expected "friends and family" launch date of December 1, 2019 (in time for gift-giving) and public launch date of January 1, 2020. (Available to PARTICIPANT level only.) 

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    Be eligible for awards and honors. The book will highlight certain entries and their authors as "Mentors" and "Award Winners." Winners will be picked by those who take part at the participation level, and the editor will also name additional award winners at her discretion. In additional, ALL those registering for this level will receive a promo pack valued at $149 or more. (Available to PARTICIPANT level only.)


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